Who We Serve

We sell our products directly to commercial, industrial, and wholesale customers as well as NGO such as the United Nations. We enter into supply contracts with our customers and require customers to purchase a minimum amount of specified petroleum products at sub-market prices during each period of the contract. Besides having a global footprint in the marketing of hydrocarbons, we specialize in the supply of fuels to the Caribbean Island Nations as well as select Central American markets.  

FuelEnex buys, sells and supplies crude oils, refined products, natural gas and gas liquids for its global customer's operations as well as their respective refining and marketing network. FuelEnex provides a critical link between the market and its customers upstream, downstream and refining environments. The company manages global supply, trading and logistics of a wide range of products, including feedstock, fuels, and refined products manufactured, distributed and sold through FuelEnex' partner and marketing system. The company's supply and trading activities are organized by crude oil, natural gas and products.