How Do We Operate

Working with our global industry partners FuelEnex has the ability to efficiently and effectively source any crude or refined product but mainly deal with all types of diesels, fuel oils, aviation kerosene, and gasoline as well as gases and crude oils.  

 Our company is client-driven in the sense that we recognize and fulfill the complete fuel needs of our clients. 

FuelEnex is engaged in the wholesale purchase and distribution of finished petroleum products, both domestically and internationally. Our operations are centered by selling products at competitive prices with timely delivery to transportation companies, airlines, sovereign countries and various other buyers. 

As a growing consortium, we add services on a continuous basis to reflect changing needs over time.     

As a true marketer we are in the position to make the proof of funds needed to the refinery and then purchase directly and resell to our end customers with neither side having contact or negotiations with the other.  

 Our fuel and oil offerings are highly privileged. FuelEnex does not promote or advertise in the broad market. We target and cater to end buyers and their representatives.