Fexmarine (a division of FuelEnex) has entered into a strategic alliance with Energy, Carriers & Services Corp. (ECS) as an exclusive in-house Maritime Coordinator and Charterers. Fexmarine will be able to fulfil all of the shipping requirements of the group allowing the company to capitalize on ECS’ twenty two years’ experience in the Oil and Derivates Supply and Transport Industries.  


Through this alliance, Fexmarine will become a well- established participant in the fuel tanker chartering industry, placing the whole world within our reach. Through knowledge of the world tanker fleet, close relations to the ship-owners and the charterers, we will be able to reach our established goals.  


Our extensive knowledge of the worldwide tanker markets ensure that we can offer our group a service that ensures an optimum return on their investment. Some fuel companies prefer to incur the cost of outsourcing their charter needs, Fexmarine chose to have an in-house specialized staff for the services that rely on an existing skill base that offers both the provision and a critical mass not achievable individually. By having our internal Maritime Coordination Department, Fexmarine is able to react swiftly to the group’s demands.


Our Chartering team use the skills obtained from years of working in all aspects of the tanker industry including oil and chemical major companies, ship brokers, and ship owners. Our experience means we are able to offer skills that our group prefers on a “case by case" basis.   An effective risk management service which provides better than market returns to our group through optimizing voyage and time charter operation opportunities. Our focus is to be a partner to our Suppliers . We welcome our Supplier’s involvement in operations decisions, with the aim of providing the same close relationship that would exist if we were their “in house” chartering team.  

 Shipping is a significant part of the supply chain and expert focus is required to ensure optimum delivery. Our functional skills will add considerable value to any project involving the bulk shipping of fuels. Our extensive skill base is further enhanced through our Directors who allow us to call on skills ranging from ship logistics to average adjusting. Together we can offer our group the commercial interface between FuelEnex and Suppliers.  

  Our office has a wide knowledge of C/P agreements, SOF review and demurrage calculations, and has access to a vast library of Maritime Forms, Charter Parties, Riders, Clauses, Buy / Sell Contract Agreements, Brokerage Commission Agreements, Pay Orders, all to be used by the group.


Fexmarine through its alliance with ECS has access to the most important  Owner/Operators.