Fexgaz is a division of FuelEnex which provides LNG solutions to customers in different market sectors of The Caribbean and Central America.   Fexgaz is regarded as a growing authority within its niche of the LNG value chain, a position it has earned through continuous focus on innovative technologies, flexible solutions and reliable services.  


We perform as an LNG fuel solutions partner for our customers through our sourcing, logistics and terminal solutions. In our logistics, our business unit provides services related to transport and storage of liquefied gases, as well as sourcing of LNG.  


Fexgaz as an independent midstream division that provides LNG fuel solutions. Meaning that we can source LNG from the best possible locations with the best possible prices. Based on this service our customers are then assured of sourcing LNG as cheaply as possible while at the same time getting the most cost-efficient and flexible logistics and transport solutions. Our logistics and business units provide the services related to transport and storage of liquefied gases, as well as sourcing of LNG.  


Fexgaz has a large network of potential LNG and NG suppliers that we use as our vendors, and for specific customer projects we also try to locate new ones. We approach relevant LNG and NG suppliers, either in the name of our customer or in the name of Fexgaz, and ask for LNG quotes.   

Fexgaz has located and sourced various technology solutions for the purpose of transporting and storing LNG. Since its inception Fexgaz has contacted several of these specifically-designed units manufacturers for the implementation of the same.   

Fexgaz offer these units for rent, either on a short- term basis or on a long-term basis.  




The transport of LNG is reliable and safe. In fact, safer than any other because of LNG’s low temperature, high ignition temperature and narrow range of ignition concentrations.   

With pumps and hoses, LNG can be transferred into road trailers, rail cars, Intermodal ISO containers for long time – long distance transport as low-pressure – low temperature liquid.


Sophisticated designs of the transport vessels ensure effective thermal insulation as well as passive safety, as it is required by the Danger Goods Road Transport Regulations (ADR), RID, IMO, DOT and other specific norms. The size of transport vessel varies from rigid truck mounting Orca™ for 12500 liters, ISO containers for up to 20 000 liters and semi-trailers for up to 56 000 liters gross capacity.   

The cryogenic rail cars offer the largest payloads and the best thermal performance for cost-effective shipping of cryogenic liquids by rail.  


Vacuum insulated cryogenic Semi-Trailer for road transport are build with high capacity, designed especially for transportation of liquefied natural gas.   ISO intermodal containers are used to transport cryogenic liquids world-wide by ship, road or rail. This start-of-the-art technology allows you to take advantages and benefits of ISO  Intermodal containers 20 ft. and 40 ft. rugged, durable design.    
Fexgaz supplies LNG to its customers in  The Caribbean and Central America by using these cryogenic containers and shipping them in regular container ships.