Fexfuels (a division of FuelEnex) plans to be a leader in a trend that is emerging in the energy  sector that has the potential to change the way consumers purchase their fuel in coming years.  ‘Portable Fuel Stations’ or ‘Mobile Fuel Stations’ are a promising alternative to the conventional  fuel stations that are not only more expensive but also take more time and space to construct.  Space is not a constraint for a ‘mobile fuel station’ as it can be moved either in a trailer or  shipped to any desired location, in addition to easy installation. All the fuels to be sold by  Fexfuels will be supplied by one of the divisions of FuelEnex. 


 A typical unit would consist of a double walled gas tank, a generator and other essential  components such as lighting system, electronic billing system and a counter, all of which would  be housed on a skid that can either be transported on a vehicle or placed on a ground. The plan is to  install these portable fuel stations at crowded places where the demand for fuels is very high  and the supply very low.


Although portable fuel stations are currently regarded as a ‘temporary alternative’ to  conventional fuel stations, the idea of using them as a permanent alternative is indeed promising,  due to the attractive cost-benefit ratio when compared with conventional fuel station.  


We will be offering portable fueling stations and tanks to individual users, large and small-scale  businesses. These systems can be completely customized and used to supply diesel, gasoline,  LPG, biodiesel, kerosene, ethanol, vegetable oils and bio ethanol for cars, trucks, heavy diesel  (vessels and locomotives), the mining industry, the construction industry, machinery, boats and  Airplanes.   

With low set up costs and high flexibility, the portable fuel stations could actually be a perfect  opportunity for conventional private gas station owners who already have very low net profit  margins when compared to other retailers.   

The potential clients are:   

- Any organization that maintains their own fuel tanks & fleets

- Fleet Operators and Fleet Management Companies

- Regional Fleets

- Fixed Based Operators at Airports

-Police, Fire, or Emergency Vehicle Fleets

- Govt. fleets; executive cars, trucks/vans 

With low operating costs, wide industry uses, high flexibility and low cost of acquisition,  these stations will find many clients in the near future, especially seeing as these units  can also be expanded, based on the rising fuel demand and ground conditions.