Management & Directors

Georges Poinçot-Leopardi

Chairman & CEO

For over 30 years, Georges has proven to be a results-driven entrepreneur, highly skilled in international commerce, operations, business development, and complex as well as diverse project management. He has been recognized as a professional with a solid background in hydrocarbons, investment finance, telecommunications, polymer converting, and seafood processing. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as two MBA, a Certificate in Economics, and is a ROTC recipient from Valley Forge Military Academy. Georges is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian

Cyrille Guillaume

Director & VP for Europe Operations

Cyrille is a highly-motivated executive with an outstanding experience in management for over 20 years, known for having a strategic and focused approach. As a former managing director and board member of international brokerage houses in the financial markets, he is used to work under pressure, to deliver results and to establish tight networks around the world. Commodities have always been his area of expertise with a focus on oil and bio energy products. He is an expert in Global Commodities trade negotiations specialized in oil products along with tailored solutions to Tier 1 clients.

David Untied

Director & VP Nigeria Operations

With over 32 years as a successful executive, entrepreneur, and business owner with a proven track record, David successfully started, operated, then sold for profit seven different businesses some of which operated worldwide. He has a highly successful track record in marketing and sales with extra ordinary management and leadership skills. Being a two-time war veteran, David understands discipline and excels under pressure situations with high motivation. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Law, has sat on several Non-Profit Boards, and currently owns and is the Chief Operating Officer of two corporations operating worldwide.

Robert Poinçot-Leopardi

Director & Chief Legal Counsel

Robert is senior Vice President for corporate affairs and general counsel. In this capacity, he leads the company's legal department and is responsible for the analysis, development and management of legal issues affecting the worldwide interests. Prior to joining FuelEnex, he worked as legal finance counsel for the Ministry of Finance in Venezuela. Robert also exercised the position of legal consultant at Deloitte for the negotiation of contracts between foreign oil companies and the Venezuelan government. He holds a Juris Doctor, and two LLM degrees from USM and IDLI. He is also fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Josep Mir

VP for Spain, France and Portugal

For more than 35 years, Josep has been an entrepreneur in diverse fields, with an emphasis for the last 15 years in the trading of fuels and crude oils, as well in international commerce. He is a graduate of Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has various certificates in foreign trade. Josep has developed his career by working in multiple countries, specially Mexico, Spain and Argentina. His primary focus is in the Latin American and Mediterranean markets, with an expertise in vertical growth by adding value to the offerings. He is also fluent in French and Spanish with a basic knowledge of English.

Bernardo Perez

Director & VP for The Caribbean    

For the last three decades, Bernardo has specialized in International Commerce, and has held key positions in several International Companies across various countries. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, as he founded, managed (and later sold to multinational companies) two enterprises. He is very knowledgeable of the Latin American and Caribbean markets for the placement of fuels and crude oils, and has been responsible in transactions with major clients. Bernardo holds a Bachelor Degree in International Economics from Assumption College and Université de la Sorbonne. He is fully Tri-Lingual in Spanish, English and French. 

Igor Smirnov

Director & VP for Eastern Europe 

Igor has been very active from the early days of the new Russian market economy, involved in banking, aviation, and logistics. He is the founder of the very first private airline in Uzbekistan. Igor’s truly international experience, associates, and knowledge helps FuelEnex to operate in global markets. He attended Aktyubinsk Aeronautical University and Thompson University in France. Igor was responsible in negotiating the allocations of fuels and crude oils with Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan. He holds a FAA Air Transport Pilot License and is a certified captain for the Gulfstream V, 450 and 550 private jets.