Who Are We

FuelEnex is growing from being a regional operator in the oil and fuel trading industry, to an international independent commodity trading company with an increase in turnover, providing integrated trading products and logistics services for participants in the worldwide oil and energy markets. 

FuelEnex‘ solid financial position and reputation for operational excellence is providing an ideal platform for growth, and in the months to come, we will have expanded operations into Asia, the Middle East and the Americas as well as The Caribbean. 

As a core aspect of our growth strategy, we will be making investments in energy infrastructure complementary to the company's trading function. FuelEnex will be acquiring storage tanks, transport vessels and Joint Venture production contracts.  

 Our team has a long-term, integrated and committed approach to trading and portfolio management across the value chain and across products. We focus on creating innovative products and solutions, built around a broader range of commodities-all of which serves to enable our clients to meet their objectives.

The main trading offices are located in Miami, London, Madrid, and Puerto Rico. We also use a network of representatives around the globe. FuelEnex is a supplier to large resellers, major buyers as well as the UN (UNESCO/UNGM) and IATA members.